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MCAA Football & Cheer

MCAA Football & Cheer

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it really cost to play Football?

Tackle football registration is $170. MCAA provides all required uniforms and equipment. You are responsible for getting your child a mouth guard and a pair of cleats (used cleats may be available from other players or coaches if needed). We make every effort to minimize additional costs throughout the season.

How much does it really cost to Cheer?

Cheer can be a very demanding and a very expensive sport. We try our best to keep the costs down as much as possible. Cheer registration is $170. Uniforms are provided by MCAA but there are a few accessories that are required to be purchased. The total for a complete accessory set during our 2018 season was $190. A-la-carte purchasing of cheer items is also possible. There is an optional Cheer Clinic in the spring, which typically costs $5-10. Summer Cheer Camp is required and costs $20-40, which covers instruction, a t-shirt, a bow, and snacks and gifts during camp. We make every effort to minimize additional costs throughout the season.

What are the lottery calendars and how do they work?

The lottery calendars are a way for you to recoup most of the registration cost incurred by registering your child to play football or cheer. Once your registration is paid in full, you will receive 16 lottery calendar tickets, which you and/or your child are encouraged to sell for $10 each. The purchaser of the ticket should fill out their contact information on the ticket stub and the ticket should be turned in to any board member or your head coach. Each ticket has a number; if that number "hits" the Pennsylvania Lottery Pick 3 during the month at the top of the ticket, then the purchaser of the ticket wins the amount listed for that day. People do win money off these tickets and MCAA sends out winnings every year after the season has concluded. The important thing to remember is that you put the $10 for each ticket in your pocket, as it is intended to help you pay for your registration. That money does not go back to MCAA unless you would like to make a financial donation. You may also choose to write your name on all 16 tickets and play the lottery with your $160. The important thing is to remember to turn in your ticket stubs!

When does registration begin? When does it end?

Flag football registration typically opens up near the beginning of the year and closes once we have reached our capacity limits (which have been within 1-2 weeks of opening registration, in the past). 

Tackle football registration opens up in the spring, usually March-April. Registration closes in mid-July, before the official start of summer practices. Balances must be paid in full by the start of practice in order for your child to participate.

Cheer registration opens up near the beginning of the year and closes around May.  

Should I register early?

The simple answer is yes, please register early! We have no interest or fee payment plans, so you can budget out your registration and spread the cost of your registration over several months.

Do you have in-person registration or do I have to register online?

We can process your registration in person if you cannot do it online. Please attend one of our General Membership meetings or reach out to our Communications Commissioner.

When are the games and where are they played?

We typically have 4 home games, 4 away games, and a few scrimmages (either home or away). Home games are played at William “Rip” Scherer Field (Tiger Stadium) on Saturdays and some Sundays. Away games are typically played on the high school field of the home team, but there are some exceptions. Games normally start around 9:00am and run through 5:00pm.

How can I be a coach or get more involved?

Please come to one of our General Membership meetings or speak to any board member! 

How long is the annual program?

Cheer will have an optional clinic during the spring, with mandatory Cheer Camp held in July. Cheer practices are usually 3 nights per week starting right after camp through the start of the school year. Cheer then practices once or twice per week through the end of the football season.

Football practices typically start in August, 3-4 nights a week (once school begins, practices are usually 2-3 nights a week). There are optional clinics in June and optional summer practices in July, with  heat conditioning/football camp at the end of the month. The first game is usually near the end of August, and the season runs through the end of October.


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